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Prison School: Redefining Fanservice (spoilers)

Little is left to the imagination when it comes to the art in Prison School.      s003

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Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance are the Cockroaches of Pop Punk

Just 3 months ago I thought Fall Out Boy was the lamest rock band and could have cared less about them. My Chemical Romance just wasn’t on my radar at all even though I didn’t mind them. Any time somebody mentioned liking Fall Out Boy I immediately discredited their opinion on music.

These are two bands of the same era, of the same genre, that have followed similar patterns in their development.
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Youmacon 2014: The Quickening

Cosplay Pictures

These all link to my flickr account if you’d like to see bigger versions.


Celty from Durarara!! cosplayed by Charnelle. This was her 4th time dressing as Celty. She saw a picture of Celty and thought she was cool before she saw the series. Charnelle painted the helmet herself and assembled the rest of the costume from various sources.

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My Chemical Romance – Discography Review

I didn’t totally ignore My Chemical Romance when I was in middle/high school but I only listened to the singles so I wanted to give them an in-depth listen.

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Fall Out Boy – Discography Review

I’ve been revisiting bands I wrote off as a young dude so here are my thoughts on Fall Out Boy.
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Nerd Bash 20XX

Every year there is a festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma where nerds get bashed into oblivion. Bullies gather from all around to take a crack at a slew of unsuspecting pencil-necks. The dorks are lured here with the promise of “the comic-con of middle America” and scrounge up their meager earnings from working at Toys ‘R’ Us to fly in from all around the country. The Bullyminati, a secret organization run by top tier twerp terrorizers, sends an unmarked envelope to locally-renowned bullies everywhere. The envelope contains a plane ticket, a hotel booking receipt, and a coupon for a free pair of boxing gloves from Dick’s Sporting Goods.
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You better believe he’s fuckin back. This time we get out of the compound and inspect Mr. Dollar$’ new property acquisition. I watched David harass kids leaving school for about an hour before the interview was conducted. Not included in the video is David curbjawing Poh boy Joe as it would be too graphic for youtube. He was whining about wanting new shoes and david told him cardboard and twine with plastic bag for socks was fine. Anyway joe’s in the hospital and it doesn’t look good. enjoy the video friends.